Saturday, April 14, 2012

2010 Ford 4.0L A/C compressor Diagram?

AC Compressor removal diagram for Ford Vehicles.
Please Note this Warning and Detail:---
If installing a new A/C compressor, the A/C clutch disc and hub, A/C compressor pulley and A/C clutch field coil must be inspected and transferred from the old unit to the new unit if suitable for reuse.

To remove the compressor

Remove the line bracket nut.
Remove the compressor manifold and tube bracket nut and detach the compressor manifold and tube.
Remove the upper LH compressor nut.
Remove the 2 upper compressor studs.
Remove the lower LH compressor stud.
Remove the compressor bolt.
Remove the A/C compressor.

See below A/C compressor-4.0L engine Diagram:-----

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