Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2008 Jeep Liberty Sunroof Glass Leak

Sunroof Glass Water leak

Water Leak From Sunroof
Passenger side water leak from sunroof

Jeep Sunroof Seal Leaks Water

United Stated 2008 Chrysler Jeep Liberty

Q: 2008 Jeep Liberty Limited with sunroof. With every rain I have a water leak appear right above the passenger side pillar. Leak issue checked at least 5 times now through the dealership. All tubes have been replaced, header replaced, every crack to be found sealed and still it continues.

A: Sunroof glass seal Issue

The sunroof glass seal could definitely be the source of the problem. It's normal for a small amount of water to leak past the glass, into the drain trough and out of the tubes, but if the seal isn't stopping enough water then it will overcome the capabilities of the drain system. This will allow water to run over the side of the drain trough and into the headliner or A pillar trim.

Things To Try:

What I would do is run water on the sunroof and try to see if excessive water is coming past the glass. If so then you know the seal or glass adjustment is the issue. If the glass isn't sitting in the right spot of the opening then the seal can't conform to the opening correctly.

Using Sealant to Stop The Leak:

If you wanted to seal the glass off and stop using the sunroof you could use a silicone sealer, although it would take a little bit of effort to remove when you wanted to start using it again. Another option would be butyl tape, which is a thick sticky roll,  you can use it to fill gaps and joints, somewhat like modeling clay.It will also help to stop the leak,but sunroof cannot be used.

Permanent option is to replace the seal completely.

This details will help.

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