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Dodge Intrepid No Air On Dash Vents

No Cold Air From Dash Vents

No Heat From Dash Vents

HVAC Has No Air From Dash Vents

Car Ac problem
Dodge Heater problem

United States 1996 Dodge Intrepid Vehicle

Q: Problem Noticed With Heat/Air-condition System.

1996 Dodge Intrepid with the A/C & heat controls not switching the air flow to the dash vents.

Air is cold/hot as desired, but seems to be trapped under the dash...not coming out the heater vents or the dash vents.

Sometimes the dash vents work when the A/C is set to bring in outside air but not when set to recirculate inside air (Max). 

Also, it seems like decelerating to increase engine vacuum can sometimes "unstick" the controls and change the air flow.

A: There are few possibilities to be checked to confirm the problem.

Mode Door Issue:

If the mode door isn't operating then it could be the mode door itself, it's actuator, it's wiring, or the control head on the dash.

See the mode door diagram shown below:

Dodge mode door and blend door location

Things To Try:
What you can do is unplug the control head and use a couple jumper wires along with a 9v battery to try and move the door. 

Applying power or ground on the dark blue/white and dark green/yellow wires will move the actuator, switching direction will turn the actuator the opposite direction. If this does change modes then you know the problem is the control head.

Other Possibilities: 

If that doesn't help then the next step will be to remove the actuator and see if you can move the door by hand. If you can move it by hand then odds are the actuator is bad; you can test the wiring before replacing the actuator if you are able to.

Dodge Intrepid Actuators:

The actuators are all electric and no vacuum is used on this system, so decelerating and having it work is coincidence.

Actuator Location

The actuator is on the bottom of the heater box right above the transmission tunnel area and is accessible without removing the heater box unlike some vehicles.
You have to remove the center console and the left and right lower ducts, which isn't that bad compared to what it could be.

Blend Door Issue:

If the door itself is bound up or broken then the heater box would need to be removed, which requires dash removal. If it does work sometimes then it's very unlikely that the door is broken.

This details will help.

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